ROI, Metrics & Tracking

When you invest money in a marketing campaign, it needs to deliver a return. That’s why we test and measure your web ads, website conversion rates, click-through rates on email marketing campaigns and response on other marketing campaigns and tie it directly to Return on Investment (ROI).

We meet with our clients at least monthly.  We not only send you a report, we also discuss them and interpret their meaning. That’s when real learning begins and action can be taken with a higher degree of precision and expertise. Through our reporting process as well as planning and acting on monthly initiatives, our clients have experienced continuous improvements in search ranking, conversion rates, time spent on website, bounce rates, and ROI.

Several tools help us track traffic on your website and its origination. In addition, we aggregate  a number of key performance indicators from multiple sources:

  • Traffic – unique visitors to website
  • Conversions (Leads and Sales)
  • Attention (time on site) & engagement (stickiness)
  • What content visitors want and what they reject
  • Online chatter and sentiment (positive, negative, neutral)
  • Track shifts in online chatter & sentiment over time
  • Replies to blog, Twitter and Facebook posts
  • What keywords are popular
  • What messages are powerful
  • # event attendees
  • # media stories & impressions (size of audience)
  • # of blog subscribers
  • # of followers versus # of influencers (Social Media)
  • # video views
  • # of user-generated content (videos, photos, forum, user-generated content)
  • # actions taken on the website