Growth Specialists for 7- and 8-Figure Businesses

Unlike most agencies, the founders of Thrive Marketing® have seen inside 1000s of businesses and we’ve also started, bought and streamlined 8 of our own businesses and successfully sold them or set them up to produce sustainable and predictable results. These businesses include:

  • A consulting business
  • Multiple services businesses
  • Two physical product ecommerce businesses
  • Two digital products ecommerce business (information and digital designs)
  • A media/blogging and digital publishing
  • A franchise business (brick and mortar retail)

We are not newbies cutting our teeth on your dime. We already know what works and what can produce a profit for you. We treat your marketing with the same urgency and respect that we do our own. Thrive Marketing® is a boutique marketing agency. We work with a limited number of clients at a time, allowing us to give our clients more individual attention, more thoughtful ideas and deeper strategy than they would receive at a larger agency. For this reason, many of our clients refer to us as their “Marketing Department” (rather than their ‘agency’) as we literally become a part of their team.



Co-Founder & Chief Architect of Strategy

Masterminding strategies that fuel high growth companies is in Christie’s DNA. She started in digital marketing 18 years ago in 1999, when the Internet was just getting started. A few years later, she launched Thrive Marketing®, which for the past 14 years has been providing list building and traffic generation services, helping 1000s of businesses grow quickly. This company has sold over $1 Billion dollars of products and services for its 7-, 8- and 9-figure clients. They helped one client achieve a Top 75 ranking in the INC 500 while they helped another grow from ZERO to $15MM in 9 months.

An in-demand speaker and consultant, Christie has been asked to sit on the boards of multi-million dollar companies as well as speak at business conferences, private mastermind events, and online events. Invite her to speak, guest podcast or guest blog here.



Co-Founder & Chief Maximizer

A born entrepreneur, Jared Turley knows what it takes to grow a business. Expertise in dominating the competition, launching innovative products & services, discovering unforeseen profit centers and creating strategies that grow market share and increase customer lifetime values.

This strong business, marketing and operations background enables him to effectively strategize with C-level executives and business owners on how to capitalize their markets and create strategies that will grow their market share while meeting budget requirements and increasing profitability.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

For 14 of the past 16 years of marriage, Christie and her husband Jared have worked side-by-side 24/7 (and they say they STILL like each other!). During that time, they started and launched 7 other businesses – some are very successful, some were sold, and some were, as they say, great learning experiences. So, they don’t just spout off theories – they know exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) to help businesses grow quickly.

Thrive Marketing is fueled by a team with more than 120 years of combined strategic marketing and technology experience with high-growth businesses. All members of our staff are senior level (we each have 10 years of experience or more). This allows us to get to the final result more efficiently. Again, we are not newbies cutting our teeth on your dime. We already know what works and what can produce a profit for you.

Jacob | Brand Strategist & Creative Director

Jacob is an award winning creative director, designer and digital marketing expert with a passion for contemporary art and design. With a unique hybrid of real-world experience, creative vision, and technical knowledge, he specializes in brand strategy, interactive development and print media design in upscale retail, travel and hospitality spaces on brand such as RCI, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Cunard, Sotheby’s, American Express, and more. He also is incredibly prolific at publication design, UX development and video production.

Ryan | Tech Strategist & Funnel Builder

Ryan transforms funnel blueprints and strategies into reality. He does this in record time and assures quality for funnel and campaign execution. Ryan’s strength is that he can not only efficiently set-up conversion funnels (without taking short-cuts in quality), he also can write comprehensive documentation for these campaign processes and systems. This means clients’ teams can manage their own conversion funnels and campaigns, if they desire. Ryan has an advanced knowledge of Chatbots, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Kajabi, Memberium, iMember360, WordPress & more.

Stephanie | Media Buyer & Online Advertising Manager

Stephanie launched her career over 10 years ago creating high converting Search Engine Optimization projects and media buying campaigns on Google Adwords. Since then, she’s expanded her media buying skills and has 8+ years of experience with Facebook advertising, YouTube, Google Display Network, other Content Delivery Networks like Taboola, and more. A brilliant social media marketer with a rare combination of creative and programmatic thinking skills, she’s worked with a wide variety of businesses, from small local companies to billion dollar corporations. She loves working on health brands especially, given her strong background in Kinesiology and her former life as a high performance wrestler who trained with Olympic Gold Medallists.

Chris | Media Buyer & Online Advertising Manager

Chris leverages his previous life as a financial analyst to create massive growth for any company he works with. With a mind like a spreadsheet, he has the capacity to visualize and design big picture systems, and then turn around and implement them at the micro level. His careful attention to detail in large-scale Facebook ad management grew his last company from 7 to 8 figures – in under 18 months. Never content with the status quo, he tenaciously tests and hunts for ways to improve every campaign. In one case, he was able to generate 10-20 times more leads across the client’s ad universe. Chris has managed campaigns across multiple verticals, including the finance, health, software, education and e-commerce industries.

Ellen | Conversion Copywriter

Ellen has been collaborating for the past several years with small business owners and nonprofits to advance their content marketing, email marketing and copywriting goals. She brings a steady, thorough approach to everything she does. She’s also passionate about the relational aspect of client care. So at her core she’s a pleasing blend of orderly logic and sensitive intuition. She’s also known for having the gift of “nudge” that helps keep a team on track with project plans, but with patience and a good sense of humor. She’s certified in copywriting, customer acquisition (aka “funnels”) and paid traffic strategy.

Chanti | Conversion Copywriter

Chanti creates engaging content for a variety of industries, but her sweet spot is for conscious entrepreneurs and the wellness market. She has over a decade of professional experience writing a wide variety of content, from entertaining articles and blog posts to quiz funnels to marketing materials, social media content, and search engine optimized websites. Her work has been published on Huffington Post, Green Med Info, The Mind Unleashed, Elephant Journal, and more.

Tom | Copywriter

As a former marketing director, Tom knows what it’s like being the person who is requesting copy. With more than a decade of copywriting experience, he knows what to say and how to say it, but just as importantly, what not to say. In other words, he’s developed a pretty keen sense for what the reader wants to hear. Tom finds it easy to make connections with others through copy, and has a talent for warm, sensitive language, speaking in human terms, rather than with pure logic and fact.

Chris | Web & Graphic Designer

Chris is a multi-disciplinary designer specializing in print design, identity & branding, web design & front-end development, WordPress design & development, and creative advertising. His work has been featured in magazines such as GQ, TokyoArts, Design Graphics, Digital Design, Esquire, AVAart. He has worked on projects for clients in various industries, most notably for Barney’s New York, Oprah Network, Air Canada, Mercedes, Bloomingdales, and Dior.

Shelley | Graphic Designer

Shelley has over 15 years’ experience in graphic design. She is skilled at taking subjective intangible and sometimes seemingly conflicting descriptions and turning them into workable themes and concepts. Unusually creative and prolific at developing branding campaigns, she has a quick grasp of new brand concepts and promotion, and is particularly gifted at 3-D conceptual work like packaging and point-of-purchase ideas.

Sheelah | Web Developer

Sheelah has a passion for building beautiful, responsive, and fast-loading websites. Before landing at Thrive Marketing, she worked at Google and Hewlett-Packard in various engineering roles, giving her the knowledge on how to work with a team to complete a project, delivering high-quality code in the process. With over 15 years of programming experience, Sheelah is skilled at producing projects in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and many other languages and platforms, including WordPress.

Michael | Website UX/UI Strategist

Michael’s keen, conscientious eye identifies even subtle errors in web content and form, and his efforts help make browsing a website effortless. He holds a MASc in Usability Engineering and a MBA in Marketing and e-business.

The Thrive Mission

Thrive Marketing’s mission is to make an epic difference in the world by enabling our clients to serve as many people as possible — by promoting their life-changing services and products to the masses. And we accomplish this with the help of our ‘Code to Thrive By’ — providing the highest levels of results-oriented creative, technology, and marketing solutions, doing what we say we’ll do, working smarter not harder, keeping our culture drama-free, and being passionate about people and their dreams.

Intentional Results

By becoming a Thrive Marketing client, you will gain a Marketing Director and an entire team, who are accountable and driven by the end result.

How We Scope Your Strategy

We interview you about your business goals and estimate the work involved for the strategy that can meet those goals. Then we put together a Proposal with recommendations and a flat project or retainer rate. Working on a project or retainer basis allows you to track your investment and anticipate monthly expenditures effectively. Request a Proposal.