Web Usability


The reason why 99.9% of websites fail is because they were designed by a technician and NOT a marketer. The reason for this is because technicians lack an understanding about Usability, customer behavior and what makes customers take action. Providing a quality user experience is key to the success of any business, and for many potential clients and customers, the first experience of your company is through your website.  However, a typical website has usability problems which can confuse, frustrate and deter potential clients and customers.

Research suggests that one third of online transactions may be aborted due to usability problems.


We have senior-level marketing executives as well as the technical people working at all stages of development, so we have the complete team working on the needed components, which interact with and impact each other to create a successful website: Marketing Strategy, Navigational Structure, Visual Design and Copywriting.

Web Redesign ROI:

According to usability guru, Dr. Jakob Nielsen, website redesign based on a usability analysis, on average increases traffic (hits) by 150% and increases online sales by 100%. Consequently, an investment in usability typically provides a return on between 10-fold and 100-fold.

Ongoing Usability Tests:

Through heat tracking studies and other behavior tracking tools, we can make informed decisions about placement of graphics & buttons and wording of headlines and other copy.  This continues to improve Web Redesign ROI in the months following a website redesign.