Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation involves delivering meaningful messages at the time they’re most relevant and in the way that matters most to them.  Marketing automation is delivered across multiple platforms, including:


  • Segmenting lists always come first. This way, we can deliver relevant messages according to the person’s relationship to your company, demographics, tastes, preferences and behaviors.  For example:
    • New Prospects
    • New Customers
    • Repeat Customers
    • Inactive Customers
    • Customers who bought X
    • Advocates & Affiliates
    • Prospects who clicked on X
    • Prospects who are on Facebook versus Twitter
    • Prospects who have a fax number
    • Prospects who have a cell number
    • etc.
  • “The difference between salad and garbage is timing” (Dan Kennedy).  Delivering timely and relevant messages keeps prospects progressing in the sales funnel and customers coming back for repeat business.