Search Engine Marketing Consultants Who Make a Difference

Search engine marketing consultant firms can be found everywhere, but they may not have the mix of experiences and skills that you need to improve the visibility of your website.  Take into consideration additional experiences, such as marketing and customer service, as well as a successful track record when making your final selection of a search engine marketing consultant.

Search engine marketing consultants are not all alike

Search Engine Optimization is not a myth

Search engine marketingA search engine marketing consultant can show you how SEO can work for your website.

In our last article, the second of this series of three Internet marketing firms can guide proper search term analysis that will increase your business – dramatically” we discussed the importance of how the words on your website and the format in which they are presented can make a great difference to the website’s popularity in the search engines.  In the first article of the series, An Internet advertising agency can vastly improve your visibility on the internet,” we discussed what search engines do and how they are programmed to decide who appears first in the search results list.  In this article, we will focus on understanding the overall concepts of search engine optimization, how to find an agency who can actually make a difference, and the importance of maintaining your website after the initial optimization.

Believing in SEO

There are people around who will be quick to tell you that as far as SEO goes, there is nothing one can do; it’s hopeless; it doesn’t work; it is a sham and rip-off.  Primarily, those people are the ones who have had no experience (or a bad experience) with search engine optimization. All this negativity about it only indicates one thing: many do not have experience with how the competition’s website was able to move ahead of them through search engine optimization.  Not only does SEO work, it may be the most efficient and cost-effective marketing dollar spend a company can make toward its internet selling strategies.

SEO works and surprisingly well.  Still, expectations must be set properly with orientation and education about what happens to the website listings and when they are likely to occur.

With SEO, there’s no such thing as instant success

SEO modifications take time.  As discussed in the “Internet marketing firms can guide proper search term analysis that will increase your business – dramatically,” websites information searches are searched within the search engine’s database – not on the internet.  The way the search engine database is indexed is complicated.  The efforts you make to optimize your site can be neutralized or negated by other conditions on your website.  It is possible to carry out a search engine optimization process on your site only to see it be ineffective.  That certainly doesn’t mean SEO doesn’t work; but it can mean the person doing it really didn’t understand all the things he or she needs to correct on the website to avoid negative search impacts.

Finding the right SEO marketing firm

Our personal prejudice at Thrive Marketing, built through our own experiences, is that among the primary skills a search engine marketing consultant must include is an expertise in marketing and customer service. Search engine optimization is a complicated process involving not too well understood methods of searching, but the end result must be to improve the marketing and customer service presence on your website.  Website success is about finding you and leaving with a happy buyer.

Some copy development skills are vital

The second most important characteristic of a search engine marketing consultant is to have a great enough skill in writing that the SEO copy reads as seamlessly as any other piece of informative copy, but contains all the necessary keywords and keyword placement.  Ideally, a reader should not be able to determine the keywords in use just by reading the article.  The article should be informational (as this is also a search criterion).

SEO Copy structure is important

As mentioned in the last article, page content should usually be between about 500 and 800 words but the keyword should not appear any more than about six to ten times, divided between body copy, headers, links, HTML descriptions, and meta-title.  If done properly, the search term being optimized should not be obvious to the reader.

Maintaining optimal optimization

Believe it or not, websites get stale.  Even a top scoring website, if left without changes and updates for a while, will start to fall in the preferred search results.  The reason is that the search engines recognize stale sites and downgrade them.  Second, search engine parameters change from time to time.  To keep a site optimized, it needs to be checked for optimization every few months and the content modified on a regular basis.  Third, websites containing informational content will rate higher than those without it.

Remember, good marketing sense is important, too

Websites should be freshened from time to time–not just for search engine optimization–but because it makes good marketing sense.  When requesting estimates on website work, and researching the cost of SEO processing, be sure to include maintenance in the scope of work.  As said before, SEO and SEO maintenance are some of the most efficient spends in internet marketing.

Having an understanding of SEO and how it works, finding a search engine marketing consultant, and maintaining your website with fresh copy that matches current search criteria are all important parts of internet marketing.  A good search engine marketing consultant with marketing and customer service experience can work wonders with your website in the search engine results.  SEO really works; it is no myth.  However, you still have to be realistic about what you put into your site and the time and effort it takes to keep it fresh.

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