Less than 10% of Businesses Have Mobile-Ready Websites

Is Your Mobile Site Ready Yet?

There are a lot of predictions being made for the upcoming year, but the one that your business might want to be aware of is that more people will be using their mobile devices to shop online.

Consumers enjoy using apps – after all some of them have catchy names or cute logos. However, consumers prefer a mobile site more than an app when shopping with a mobile device (as reported in Adobe’s Mobile Experience Survey). The percentage of usage varied according to a customer’s need:

  • 81% of users preferred mobile sites over apps for researching prices
  • 79% of users preferred mobile sites over apps for product reviews
  • 63% of users preferred mobile sites over apps for making purchases

Are you ready to handle the increase of customers?

Since more web users are using their mobile devices to get online (an increase to about 9% in the United States), then it makes sense to make your site mobile ready. For 2014, that translates to 1 out of every 4 searches will be done through a mobile device. However, data shows that 91% of businesses are not prepared to take advantage of the increase in traffic.

Not all sites are created equal

Your mobile site should be designed and treated differently than your non-mobile site. For example, your mobile site’s screen should fit a mobile device (not too big) and it should have a unique URL.

When some research groups were asked to test some mobile sites, they found that some sites had watered down mobile versions on the same URL or redirected them to a different URL when a smartphone user agent was discovered. This became a problem because it made the search process slower and made the mobile sites less user friendly. If a user had a problem with a mobile site, then there was a 40% chance that they would leave that site and visit a competitor’s.

Your customers will buy from you if your mobile site is mobile ready

If your mobile site is mobile ready (user friendly and visually appealing on a mobile device) then it’s more than likely that your customer will stay and make a purchase from your site (according to a 2010 report by the research group Brand Anymore). Yet unfortunately out of the 7,000 retail websites researched, only 4.8% were mobile ready.

There’s a good chance that you’re one of those businesses who are not mobile ready. So hiring the right marketing firm to help you is important now more than ever. At Thrive Marketing we have the mobile expertise and tools to get your business ready for the onslaught of customers. Contact us today to help your mobile and non-mobile customers find you.