Internet Marketing Firms Like Thrive Marketing Make a Difference

Internet marketing firms, such as Thrive Marketing, offer a specialty that makes your investment in website sales and marketing shine.  The enhancement to your business brought about by search engine optimizing your site will surpass your expectations.  Find out how you can be pocketing a lot more income from your website.
Internet marketing firms can guide proper search term analysis that will increase your business–dramatically

Keyword search term analysis is an exacting art

As discussed in our last article, SEO is an exacting process and vital part of your website.  It is conceivable that you could use your chosen search term for your company, test it in a search engine such as Google, MSN, or Yahoo! and not have your company’s website even show up.  There are many factors that contribute to that and we will be discussing several of them.

The importance of the keyword selection

Search engines have websites where you can test and research keyword terms.  For Google, you need to buy a subscription to a service like KeywordDiscovery or WordTracker.  The cost is about $70.00 per month.  The process is relatively simple, but you have to know what you are looking for.  Simply testing a search term and picking the related term that comes up first is NOT going to produce the desired results. As a rule, the shorter the keyword term, the more competitive it is because of its national and broad nature.  Some search terms are so broad and bring forth so many results that it is by extreme skill and lots of time that a company could end up ranking high.

Selecting the right terms for your businesses

The search term you select should be one that has a balance of high frequency of common use with relatively lower competition for the term.  Generally speaking, you will find a dozen or so commonly used terms that will fit your business and, therefore, your visibility on the web.

Search engines do not see everything

Search engines search for specific items in your website.  Incidentally, there are items in your website that a search engine will ignore, too.  For example, if you use Google to search for “search engines” you will find Google’s search engine listed about ninth (as of today).  Likewise, at, Google is toward the bottom of the second page and doesn’t show up on the first two pages at all.  Because of that, search engines seem completely unpredictable. In actuality, they are not.

They see what you do not want it to see, too

If your selected keyword search term is used too many times on your website, relative to the total copy on your website, the search engine will see at as spam and ignore it.  Even if you have the right keyword phrase, just peppering your site with it is not enough.  The word needs to appear within a narrow number of frequencies – roughly 10 to 15 times.  It needs to be nested in an informational page of about 500 to 700 words in length.  Search engines favor informational sites, so this has a two-fold purpose.  The keyword needs to appear in hyperlinks, headers, titles, descriptions, and other key places within the HTML code.

Remember, instant results do not happen.

It takes a search engine about six weeks to begin indexing the information on a website into the engine’s database and it can take you six to 12 months of consistent SEO to index well.  Search engines don’t search the internet directly; they search the indexing in its database.

There are two ways to accomplish SEO and keyword selection

Option 1:  Begin to read everything you can on SEO operations.  Learn the software needed to research keywords, test website copy, and then practice the skill frequently.

Option 2:  Hire someone who does it for a living, internet marketing firms such as ThriveMarketing, and schedule a time to review your situation.  An SEO expert can tell you what you need to do to begin the process, and what you will need to do to maintain the position.  Remember, such engines are like living things – they evolve and change on a frequent basis.

Option 2 is the most cost-efficient unless you intend to go into business doing it for others. ThriveMarketing does it for others and we would be happy for a chance to help you help yourself.  The analysis and ranking report are free.

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