Tablets Changing eCommerce: Plan Ahead for the Holiday Shopping Season

iPads, Touch Pads and Smartphones Are the New Shopping Carts There’s no question that smartphones and touchscreen tablets have changed the way people work, but they have also changed the way people shop. The reason isn’t just because of the convenient internet access either. Both phones and tablets have downloadable gadgets supplied by many retailers that compress the experience into … Read More

“White Space” is just as important as the graphics and the copy

If you ever had the chance to work in an advertising agency where the copywriters and graphic designers slave away at creating the right combination for your print advertisement, you would likely hear the phrase: “Make more white space!” What does it mean? Why would art and copy people want less art and copy by providing more white space? It … Read More

Can You “Feng Shui” a Website?

Is there such a thing as feng shui (pronounced “feng shway”) for a webpage? Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that governs spatial arrangement and orientation. It relates to patterns of yin and yang (the philosophy of how polar or contrary forces are interdependent in the natural world, i.e. “all things are in harmony and opposition”).  It is an … Read More

A WordPress Web Designer Can Save You Money

Content Management, Vital to Search Engine Success, Done with WordPress A WordPress web designer can show you how efficiently and economically you can manage the content on your website. WordPress, like some of the brilliant software created by Microsoft or Apple, has its fans and its detractors; however, there are many more tasks made simple in WordPress where it takes … Read More

White Space: nothing becomes something

Certainly the things you say in and ad convey something about your product.  What about what you don’t say? The adage “less is more” has been proven with a study by the Journal of Consumer Research. The study demonstrated that ads containing lots of white space lead customers to perceive the brand as: More prestigious More sophisticated Trustworthy Higher in … Read More

Landing Pages: freshen your site and pay back your marketing programs

Web designers can help you find new ways to improve your interactive business.  The untrained may equate “landing page” with the website’s “home page.”  However, a landing page can be any page you create for a special purpose.  Like a home page, a great deal of thought, care, and design should go into the construction of a landing page.  Here … Read More

The Top 3 Essentials for Website Redesign Success

AZ marketing companies need to keep websites fresh and efficient.  This article is the second of two parts on how to get the very most from your company’s internet marketing efforts.  The first article, “Website Redesign: An Investment You Cannot Afford to Pass Up” discussed the importance of keeping your website updated and fresh and how to get the most … Read More

Arizona Marketing Companies Abound

Arizona marketing companies may have helped you start your company while you did all the regular, obvious things: staffed, organized, advertised and then finally had a web presence built. Moving along with sales, everything seems adequate, but are you really getting enough out of your website? In today’s economy, web marketing has become the lead growth area. This article is the first of two parts discussing the importance of keeping your website updated and fresh and how to get the most out of your website.

Top Web Design Firms – Thrive Ranked Among the Best

ThriveMarketing is ranked in the Top 25 Web Design Firms for 2008 by The Phoenix Business Journal. Thrive ranks #18 on the list and is the 2nd youngest company firm on the list, formed in 2004. With a web design expert like ThriveMarketing helping you with your Internet marketing, you are in good hands. And, we have plenty of amazing … Read More