The New Cellular Telephones Make SEO More Important Than Ever

With the advent of the web-enabled, larger screen cellular phones, such as the Blackberry line, it is now possible to do these little quick searches for information, locations, or actual shopping right from your telephone.  The newer phones have both touch screen and a larger, slide-out QWERTY keyboard for ease-of-use, but the Torch keyboard slides out in the narrow direction … Read More

Video Search Optimizaton: Another Way to Page 1 in Google

When someone is looking for you on the internet, the favored place to be is the top of page one on the search results. Try as you may to achieve that position, it isn’t practical to expect to be there all the time. Here is one idea that can help you increase you odds. Try a video. Not just any … Read More

A Website without SEO Articles is Like a Steak without the Sizzle

Articles, especially SEO articles, can enhance the selling ability of your website Imagine a steak without any sizzle. That is what a website is without articles. Or, think of it another way, the website is a selling table that doesn’t have any legs. If we could sit alone in our offices and send out a picture of the product we … Read More

How to Leverage Social Media

This year more businesses will invest in social media than ever before.  No matter what your business goals are, using this chart (click on the graphic to make it larger), you’ll learn how to leverage social media to: communicate with customers increase brand exposure boost website traffic increase SEO effectiveness For more information about how Thrive Marketing can help you … Read More

An Arizona Internet Marketing Firm Can Make Your Headline

Arizona Internet Marketing Firm, Thrive Marketing, believes that your first step in web marketing should be one of your best steps.  Nothing can substitute for an effective headline at inviting a potential customer into your marketing efforts.  There are numerous opportunities and methods for creating effective headlines and getting the most out of that first, big step.

The Top 3 Essentials for Website Redesign Success

AZ marketing companies need to keep websites fresh and efficient.  This article is the second of two parts on how to get the very most from your company’s internet marketing efforts.  The first article, “Website Redesign: An Investment You Cannot Afford to Pass Up” discussed the importance of keeping your website updated and fresh and how to get the most … Read More

What if you built the best website ever and nobody came?

An online advertising agency is an important and integral portion of your website efforts.  Without a knowledgeable online advertising agency, there are many wrong turns and pitfalls you may not even be aware of, and following 9 simple rules can make a lot of difference in getting the right people on your website.

An Internet Advertising Consultant specializes in quality, not quantity

An internet advertising consultant needs to provide enhancements For a successful internet advertising consultant, the style of the copy has to be as important as the words it contains. Internet advertising consultants, contrary to popular belief, are just as much about making technical enhancements to a website, but must result in a click-through that results in sales.  Services need to … Read More

Search Engine Marketing Consultants Who Make a Difference

Search engine marketing consultant firms can be found everywhere, but they may not have the mix of experiences and skills that you need to improve the visibility of your website.  Take into consideration additional experiences, such as marketing and customer service, as well as a successful track record when making your final selection of a search engine marketing consultant. Search … Read More

SEO – Is It Worth It?

Some people are very wary of finding an SEO company and rightly so. There are a lot of unscrupulous SEO’s out there.  Like finding a good realtor, it is hard to find a good SEO. There are lot of creeps out there, but there are also a lot of good people cleaning up the messes. The investment in services also … Read More