Doubling Sales is within reach with Marketing Automation

  Getting your marketing to keep its best foot forward There’s no question about it—the economy is tough.  However, as we discussed in last month’s article, a business can still thrive in downtimes.  In fact, ThriveMarketing can help you double your sales with some creative marketing automation and some inside knowledge that can make your website a more effective selling … Read More

Convert More Leads & Get More Sales – Automatically

Are you your own best salesman? Do you often find that all the other little matters of business operations get in the way of both sales and sales follow-up? While you are trying to grow your business, you depend on a sales staff to broaden your base of clients. However, your best sales person – you – can’t really take … Read More

Luxury Marketing: Wants outweigh needs

Marketing luxury brands is about the emotional appeal of an image Luxury Marketing. Does anyone really need an iPhone G3? For that matter, is there anyone who could not actually live without a cellular mobile telephone? Probably not, but in the recent introduction of the iPhone G3 in the United States, Australia and several other countries, millions have scrambled to … Read More

Luxury Marketing: Insulation from the Cold Of a Recession

Learning to market luxury products and services can help wrap that insulation around your company, too. Quoting Anthony Hopkins in the movie, The Edge: “Never feel sorry for a man with his own plane.” Marketing to the affluent is different in its aspect from marketing to the middle-class consumer. We really don’t have to feel very sorry for the product … Read More

Cheaper is Not Better

Being cheaper at the expense of quality is expensive. When is it okay to take a pricing strategy of cheaper? It is NEVER okay, unless you are Wal-Mart or one of the very few business who can be assured of always being at the bottom. So what does it mean to maintain a marketing position to be cheaper? Cheaper is … Read More

Unique Selling Proposition: Why You Need One

Why should your prospects purchase from you instead of your competitors? You may think you know the answer to this, but is your answer a “one-of-a-kind” solution that will convince your target market to sway your way? Developed in the mid fifties by Rosser Reeves, the top account man at Ted Bates, NYC, a unique selling proposition or USP, is … Read More