Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

If you were trying to win a war, would you first start planning a battle strategy or would you start shooting targets?  Sun Tzu’s Art of War would tell you the answer. Without planning, a successful outcome is merely a coincidence. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. If that is true, then WHY do 80% of marketers (gasp!) … Read More

Phoenix: Top 10 Place for Starting a Business

Image via Wikipedia The August issue of Entrepreneur Magazine highlights the top 10 places for starting a business, according to its editors. Phoenix, Arizona is Number 5 on the list and nicknamed “The Expander” because it has grown by 50% over the last twenty years. This quick growth rate means that the city has all the basic services a company … Read More

Doubling Sales is within reach with Marketing Automation

  Getting your marketing to keep its best foot forward There’s no question about it—the economy is tough.  However, as we discussed in last month’s article, a business can still thrive in downtimes.  In fact, ThriveMarketing can help you double your sales with some creative marketing automation and some inside knowledge that can make your website a more effective selling … Read More

Avoid Being a Marketing Fool

Marketing Fool: Someone who continues to perform the same action and honestly believes he or she will have a different result. So how do you avoid this fool’s errand? Constantly tweak your marketing and never rest on your laurels. Are you just sitting back expecting the money to roll in?

Marketing to Seniors: Internet is a Must

Who actually buys on the internet may surprise you Is the internet right for your customers? Does your demographic audience use the internet?  Do you market products to audiences that you feel may not really use the internet to shop and make purchases?  There are a lot of assumptions made about who does and who does not use the internet … Read More

Recession Marketing Strategy: Keys to Assure Your Survival

With the economy in such a mess, could my company still grow? So many companies are in trouble and the economy shows us the trend won’t be over soon.  At the same time, many companies are flourishing – even now.  There are a lot of things that a company can do to assure its survival. In the next several issues … Read More

Convert More Leads & Get More Sales – Automatically

Are you your own best salesman? Do you often find that all the other little matters of business operations get in the way of both sales and sales follow-up? While you are trying to grow your business, you depend on a sales staff to broaden your base of clients. However, your best sales person – you – can’t really take … Read More

Developing a Marketing Budget and Maximizing It

The secret to any good Marketing program is that for every dollar you spend, you must recover that dollar and then some. You need not spend any money on Marketing Strategies that don’t make you money. Before you do ANYTHING, you need to determine the value of a single lead or a single visitor to your website. How much can … Read More

Luxury Marketing: Wants outweigh needs

Marketing luxury brands is about the emotional appeal of an image Luxury Marketing. Does anyone really need an iPhone G3? For that matter, is there anyone who could not actually live without a cellular mobile telephone? Probably not, but in the recent introduction of the iPhone G3 in the United States, Australia and several other countries, millions have scrambled to … Read More