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The way a marketing agency approaches planning and strategy tells a lot about the work and results they will produce. At Thrive Marketing, we have focused our approach on three phases that directly relate to the concerns our technology, eCommerce and B2B clients have expressed over the years. Regardless of your stage in business, Thrive Marketing has the experience and insight to partner with businesses to meet goals and increase ROI.


Laws of Attraction

Have a great product or service but no one knows about it? Unsure how best to reach the right people? Does your website generate great traffic reports, but your bounce rates are through the roof? Do you know exactly what you’d tell potential customers if you could just get them to pay attention for five seconds? Are you wasting time talking to people you know will never buy?

Attraction is a challenge for most business owners. However, just like in relationships, the best attraction involves the right partners at the right time, ready to commit.

At Thrive Marketing, we have the digital marketing experience to eliminate attraction frustration by:

  1. Increasing website traffic
  2. Guaranteeing visitors are of the highest quality (ready to commit or buy)
  3. Ensuring they like what they see, read and hear when they visit

Combined, these three keys allow Thrive Marketing clients’ businesses to grow, while saving precious time and money previously wasted on the wrong kind of traffic, unqualified leads and uncommitted buyers.

The Magic Sauce

If it sounds complicated and time-consuming – it doesn’t have to be. Our experience launching digital marketing campaigns for B2B, technology and ecommerce clients – quickly create powerful results. How do we do it? While each client’s strategy is tailored to its industry and goals, plans may include tactics such as:

  • Search Engine Marketing to drive qualified leads
    • Including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Email marketing to increase high-quality traffic exponentially
  • Consistent blogging to build credibility and interest
  • Public relations outreach to establish expertise
  • Strategic social media, beyond just Facebook and Twitter
  • Free eBook offers to peak curiosity
  • Engaging videos, easily searchable on YouTube
  • Timely direct mail distribution to targeted audiences
  • Web forms to capture important lead information
  • Educational webinars to engage new audiences
  • Website renovations to update look and feel for enhanced customer appeal

While these are just some of the tactics we’ll consider when creating your customized plan, remember, it doesn’t take any secret sauce. We’ll simply work together to combine sound marketing strategy with proven attraction tactics to enhance your ROI while saving valuable time and money.

Contact us today to whip your attraction strategy in shape and get that phone ringing with the right customers for you.

What can Thrive’s Attraction Approach do for you?

Clients’ successes include:

  • Doubled website traffic every year for 4 years.
  • Increased website traffic by 1000%.
  • Increased new unique visitors by 400% through effective SEO


Convert Traffic to Leads and Leads to Sales

Do website visitors balk at taking action? Is traffic and interest high, but sales low? Does it take too long for customers to move through your sales process?

Converting leads into sales is the number one priority of CEOs and Marketing experts around the world. However, tremendous time and money is wasted trying to increase traffic with the false assumption this strategy alone will create more sales.

The real key is converting the visits you do have into sales by understanding visitor behavior, monitoring real-time analytics, building a unique, user-friendly website and effective web content strategy and developing innovative site conversion strategies.

But what does all that mean? At Thrive Marketing, our conversion approach will:

  1. Increase click-through rates
  2. Prompt repeat visits
  3. Inspire potential customers to act
  4. Convert traffic into sales

Creating a Sales Funnel

This sounds complex, but it is simply a matter of focusing on interested visitors, rather than always hunting for new traffic – talking to a friend versus making a cold call. The sales cycle is always easier and faster once a relationship or familiarity is established.

Then, once you are focused on the right leads, Thrive Marketing helps turn your entire website into a sales funnel. After attracting potential customers that are the cream of the crop, our conversion strategies channel qualified leads and prepare them for the final sale.

Wondering what strategies we will use to improve conversion for your B2B, technology or ecommerce business? That depends on your goals and situation, but typical conversion tactics involve:

Regardless of specific tactics, we’ll identify exactly what visitors are doing on your site, and more importantly, what information or resources they can’t find. Once that is determined, it becomes simple to provide individual customers exactly what they need to become converted through sales.

Contact us today to evaluate the tools needed to upgrade your website into a time-saving, money producing sales funnel.

What can Thrive’s Conversion Approach do for you?

Clients’ successes include:

  • Increased website sales by 600%.
  • Increased qualified leads by 500% through effective SEO and sales-driven website content.
  • Reduced online advertising spend by 90% by obtaining top five organic Google rankings for two competitive keywords within six weeks.


Leverage Loyalty

Do you have a strong, growing customer base? Are they loyal, engaged and passionate about your brand, product or services? Congratulations! You are at the forefront of your B2B, technology and ecommerce industry.

However, now is not the time to sit back and relax. Instead, leverage loyalty, fortify your brand and nurture clients through a proactive engagement strategy with Thrive Marketing. Together we can:

  1. Engage loyal audiences
  2. Overcome buyers remorse
  3. Maximize high-profit, low-cost customers
  4. Upsell and Cross sell for increased revenues
  5. Develop advocates to spread key messages and branding
  6. Empower clients to feel ownership and build the business

Engagement is an often overlooked, but crucial component of any strategic marketing plan. Why? Engagement is one of the least expensive, yet most effective ways to generate new leads, convert sales and spread marketing messages.

Assess and Regroup

However, engagement isn’t just about showing gratitude for, or leveraging loyal customers. The third phase also presents the perfect opportunity to reassess and revise digital marketing efforts.

Through this approach, Thrive Marketing quickly analyzes and audits websites, email marketing, social media outreach and other marketing efforts to recommend the best course corrections required to reach business goals. Our counsel for you will largely depend on audiences, level of current loyalty and long-term business goals. Regardless, we will explore:

  • Insightful blogs to keep readers captivated
  • Engaging social media that sparks conversation
  • Active YouTube channels full of fresh content and videos
  • Automated marketing targeted to segmented audiences
  • Individualized email campaigns that nurture client relationships through relevant messaging, customized timing and customer-specific visuals
  • Inspiring testimonials and referrals to fuel brand evangelism
  • Customer education on cross promotion and upselling opportunities
  • Digital marketing audits to fine-tune outreach

Additional engagement tactics and strategies will be explored as we work together to move your company forward. Bottom line – you are in a unique position, and timing is critical to take full advantage of the relationships and devotion you have inspired.

Contact us to learn how to turn your dedication and passion into additional revenue and branding. In today’s market, consumers and companies can be fickle. Ensure the goodwill they feel today is solidified for advocacy tomorrow. Call Thrive Marketing’s engagement experts today.

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As part of the proposal process, we also give you a complimentary 30 minute marketing strategy session, analyzing your current marketing strategies and how you might improve them for a more effective Return on Investment (ROI).