Tablets Changing eCommerce: Plan Ahead for the Holiday Shopping Season

iPads, Touch Pads and Smartphones Are the New Shopping Carts There’s no question that smartphones and touchscreen tablets have changed the way people work, but they have also changed the way people shop. The reason isn’t just because of the convenient internet access either. Both phones and tablets have downloadable gadgets supplied by many retailers that compress the experience into … Read More

Why Headlines Sometimes Don’t Work

From the ninth grade on, writing teachers, sales managers, copywriters, and others will tell you that you need to shout out your strongest benefit in your headline to attract the readers’ attention (just like everyone else’s headline). Although that would seem logical, it is not the most effective way to get better attention from the reader. So, how can so … Read More

“White Space” is just as important as the graphics and the copy

If you ever had the chance to work in an advertising agency where the copywriters and graphic designers slave away at creating the right combination for your print advertisement, you would likely hear the phrase: “Make more white space!” What does it mean? Why would art and copy people want less art and copy by providing more white space? It … Read More