Are Your Testimonials Really Working Hard Enough?

Why Aren’t Testimonials More Believable? Why don’t testimonials work harder at convincing new customers to follow their experience? After all, they represent the experience of one who has already been your customer. Is there something the testimonials do or don’t do that causes them to fail to communicate the great experience received from your product or service? There are actually … Read More

Are Your Headlines a Stop Sign?

What has more emotional impact on you: a stop sign or flashing red light or a green light? Which would cause the greater reaction on your part? While you are stopped, do you look around? Do you sometimes change your mind about what direction you wish to head? That is exactly what you want people to do in terms of … Read More

What the heck is a content strategy?

Developing a content strategy is a little difficult if you don’t understand what is meant by the term. A website should contain useful, usable content that informs, sells, explains, and provides support to whatever the selling premise is. Somehow it needs to be controlled so it is up-to-date and matches what is going on – not only on the company’s … Read More