Video Search Optimizaton: Another Way to Page 1 in Google

When someone is looking for you on the internet, the favored place to be is the top of page one on the search results. Try as you may to achieve that position, it isn’t practical to expect to be there all the time. Here is one idea that can help you increase you odds. Try a video. Not just any … Read More

A Website without SEO Articles is Like a Steak without the Sizzle

Articles, especially SEO articles, can enhance the selling ability of your website Imagine a steak without any sizzle. That is what a website is without articles. Or, think of it another way, the website is a selling table that doesn’t have any legs. If we could sit alone in our offices and send out a picture of the product we … Read More

Social Media: Use It to Improve Your Business

Social media is a new way to market. Even though it seems like just another form of internet chatting, it really can be used as an effective marketing tool.  In fact, there are some things you cannot do through normal marketing channels that are easy to accomplish through social media sites. Here are just three ways you can use sites … Read More