White Space: nothing becomes something

Certainly the things you say in and ad convey something about your product.  What about what you don’t say? The adage “less is more” has been proven with a study by the Journal of Consumer Research. The study demonstrated that ads containing lots of white space lead customers to perceive the brand as: More prestigious More sophisticated Trustworthy Higher in … Read More

How to Leverage Social Media

This year more businesses will invest in social media than ever before.  No matter what your business goals are, using this chart (click on the graphic to make it larger), you’ll learn how to leverage social media to: communicate with customers increase brand exposure boost website traffic increase SEO effectiveness For more information about how Thrive Marketing can help you … Read More

Landing Pages: freshen your site and pay back your marketing programs

Web designers can help you find new ways to improve your interactive business.  The untrained may equate “landing page” with the website’s “home page.”  However, a landing page can be any page you create for a special purpose.  Like a home page, a great deal of thought, care, and design should go into the construction of a landing page.  Here … Read More