An Internet Advertising Consultant specializes in quality, not quantity

An internet advertising consultant needs to provide enhancements For a successful internet advertising consultant, the style of the copy has to be as important as the words it contains. Internet advertising consultants, contrary to popular belief, are just as much about making technical enhancements to a website, but must result in a click-through that results in sales.  Services need to … Read More

Phoenix: Top 10 Place for Starting a Business

Image via Wikipedia The August issue of Entrepreneur Magazine highlights the top 10 places for starting a business, according to its editors. Phoenix, Arizona is Number 5 on the list and nicknamed “The Expander” because it has grown by 50% over the last twenty years. This quick growth rate means that the city has all the basic services a company … Read More

Search Engine Marketing Consultants Who Make a Difference

Search engine marketing consultant firms can be found everywhere, but they may not have the mix of experiences and skills that you need to improve the visibility of your website.  Take into consideration additional experiences, such as marketing and customer service, as well as a successful track record when making your final selection of a search engine marketing consultant. Search … Read More